Shrivenham Ladies Netball Club - Winter League 2021-2022

Oxfordshire Netball Winter League 2021-2022 Important Documents

Code of Conduct

If you have been allocated to a squad your name and England Netball registration number will be entered on an electronic Code of Conduct form which will be emailed to the League before the first match.  
When we enter you, it is taken that you agree to the following wording on the form...

The players listed on this form agree to the following CODE OF CONDUCT :
1. to aim always to improve my fitness, skills and game play
2. to learn the rules of netball and play by the spirit of the game
3. to treat fellow team members, coaches, umpires and opponents with respect
4. to remember that umpires are there to interpret the rules & therefore respect their decisions
5. never to use inappropriate or insulting language to other players, coaches, umpires or spectators at my club, at matches or on social networks
6. never to engage in rough, physical or inappropriate behaviour
7. to report to my club and ONL any unacceptable language or behaviour I witness at the club or in matches
8. to be aware of the league's policies & rules
9. to accept sanctions applied if I break this code

ONL Winter League rules 2021-22 FINAL 130921.pdf

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